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About Solar Panel Guardian

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About Solar Panel Guardian

We are a solar panel protection company. Solar Panel Guardian helps you keep your solar panels safe and clean. We can help remove and protect your solar panels from birds and rodents.

In order to get the most out of your investment in solar at your home or business, you need to ensure your panels are safe from natural dangers like wildlife. Our solar panel proofing works for residential solar panels and commercial rooftop solar panels. During our work in the local area, we have gained experience with the wildlife who live here. We know which are most likely to threaten solar panels, the risk factors to look for, and how best to exclude animals.

Our competitive rates make it possible to secure your solar panel on almost any budget and offer a reasonable alternative to expensive repairs to unguarded solar panels in the future. We have a team of skilled wildlife specialists. With the latest training in wildlife handling and extensive experience working with solar panels so that they can perform the work with extreme care for your property.

Solar Panel Critter Guard Installation & Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Protection Services For Your Solar Panel

Solar Panel Critter Guards

The gap between solar panels and a roof offers a possible nesting area for any critter. Protect it by installing critter guards.

Solar Panel SolaTrim

Aesthetically pleasant solar panel protection on your roof. Durable, all climate tested Aluminum panel.

Solar Panel Protection Skirts

Solar panel skirts are a more appealing solar panel mount, helps with critter control & weather.

Available Solar Panel Services

Solar Panel Guardian

Solar Panel
Critter Guard

  • High Quality Mesh Guards
  • Licensed Installations
  • Prevents Nesting & Animal Damage
  • Long Term Service

Protect your solar panels by installing critter guards. It can help prevent birds, squirrels, rats, mice, and any other critters from nesting behind your solar panels.

Solar Panel Guardian

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

  • Knowledgable Staff
  • Proper Cleaning Equipment
  • Fast Cleaning Service
  • Contact Us for Appointments

Providing cleaning maintenance for your solar panel can increase the longevity of the solar panels and help with the efficiency of retaining solar energy.

Solar Panel Guardian

Solar Panel
Snow Guards

  • Professional Installation Services
  • Fully Licensed & Trained
  • Best Quality Materials
  • Long Term Service

Snow Guards can help prevent snowfall from falling into walkways and paths leading to your business or home. Call us today for more information


Contact us for more information on our solar panel protection services.

To get an estimate of the cost for protecting your solar panels from animals in NY or NJ, contact us at 732-387-4135 / 646-741-4333